The Farther Adventure - Friends of the Forest [S2:E5]

Bear King & Bobo Chico Stories for Kids

Apr 24 2023 • 10 mins

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Thanks to Lyrie, the four friends are safe, sound, and well-fed on the Isla de Amigos. After a good night’s sleep, the friends are ready to continue their quest. Lyrie explains that the pathway will lead away from the ocean and eventually take them to an immense forest. Undaunted, Bear King helps the group move confidently onward. Initially, Bobo Chico is excited to go into a forest again but grows hesitant as it's unfamiliar to him.  Loar and Roen, now secure in their bond as brothers, are willing to trust Bear King and are eager to move forward. But as the day ends, they realize they’re going to need food and shelter. Coming up with an inspiration, Bear King turns to Bobo Chico for his help. Bobo Chico loses his fear and becomes happy with his special knowledge of the forest. He helps them find food and make a comfortable shelter in the forest. They all realize the gifts of nature when they stop to ask for each other’s help.

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