The Farther Adventure - Saving Bear King [S2:E10]

Bear King & Bobo Chico Stories for Kids

May 29 2023 • 14 mins

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After a couple of days rest in Treemania, the four friends are ready for the next leg of their journey. Bobo Chico’s ankle is much better and they’re eager to get back onto the pathway, riding on electric scooters. They journey through meadows of colorful orange poppies and Loar begins a song about his favorite things with Roen joining him.  They come to a large lake, with a sailboat ready to carry them across.  Their destination is the Ponderosa Lodge, on the other side of the lake. Bear King assumes the role of ‘skipper,’ even though Bobo Chico is the more experienced sailor, and they sail off across the lake. But when the wind grows too strong, Roen asks Bobo Chico if it’s getting dangerous.  Bobo Chico loyally says, “Bear King is the captain of the ship, and we must obey his orders!”  Loar spies some large rocks downwind and tries to alert Bear King.  But Bear King is distracted. Loar calls out to Bobo Chico for help, but Bobo Chico is too conflicted about correcting his best friend.  At the crucial moment, Loar yells at the top of his lungs, “BEAR KING!” which immediately gets Bear King’s attention. Disaster is averted and the boat tacks away from danger. Later that night, as they’re enjoying hot cocoa by the roaring fire inside the lodge, Bear King toasts brave Loar and gives him a big hug!  Bobo Chico breaks into a sailing song about facing high winds, crashing waves, and brave sailors.

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