The Farther Adventure - Loar Gets into a Pickle [S2:E9]

Bear King & Bobo Chico Stories for Kids

May 22 2023 • 14 mins

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The four friends in the Dragon Boat finish their water travel when they arrive at the dock with the ‘Farther Adventures Await’ sign.  After a brief lunch, they continue their journey back on the pathway. All use mountain bikes, but Bobo Chico sprints ahead with Loar closely following him. Bobo Chico inspires young Loar with a song about being an adventurous, daring, daredevil. At the summit, Bobo Chico chooses to go ‘off road’, and Loar is conflicted about whether to follow him.  When he does, he quickly gets in serious trouble. As Bobo Chico is about to change his direction and get back on the path, Loar comes flying by on his mountain bike…out of control! He miraculously is caught by a tree branch, but in grave danger of falling into the canyon and river below. A crow sees the danger and flies off to find Bear King, Roen and Bear King arrive to the scene. Bear King asks a ‘riot of crows’ to lift Loar out of danger and carry him to  Treemania. Roen leads the way to Treemania with its unique and beautiful treehouses. They enjoy dinner and Loar tells Bobo Chico he only wants to eat pickles, not get into a ‘pickle’ of danger. Bear King and the crows erupt in laughter!

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