A Shaman's Journey With In *Lingo Ink Open Mindz*

Lingo Ink

Feb 20 2021 • 57 mins

Tap in to check out the latest episode's from Lingo Ink's brand new show/Podcast "Open Mindz" for the innovative progressive people on the planet. We will have guest from all walks of life taking about various topics that pertains to life. You never know what we will talk about next. This show is intended to shed light & raise the vibrations on earth.   Subscribe, like, share to keep up the vibrations 🙌🏽 all love is appreciated 🙏🏽  On this episode we speak with a Shaman practitioner Anna on her journey to becoming and acknowledging the Shaman with in.  *******A Shaman's Journey With In*******  Guest: @aspiringsunbeamla   Check out Lingo Ink Open Mindz podcast on all major podcast platforms Spotify, Apple, Google etc.  For the latest new exclusive clothing/accessories lines check out www.lingoinkboutique.com

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