Love & Justice

Kyle C. Olson

In the morning hours of October 6, 2009, an intruder broke into the Milwaukee-area home of 19-year old Ashleigh Love, walked to her bedroom, and shot her to death while she was sleeping. More than 13 years have passed since she was killed, and the case is still cold. No suspects have been arrested. No justice has been served.Love & Justice is an investigative documentary-style podcast that explores the cold case murder mystery of Milwaukee, WI native Ashleigh Love. In the aftermath of her death, Ashleigh’s parents, siblings, best friends, colleagues, and classmates come together in an attempt to share the full story and set the record straight. No stone is left unturned while dozens of theories are presented in an attempt to answer one simple question: Who Killed Ashleigh Love? Emmy Award Winner Kyle Olson hosts.

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