Best Photo Advice You’ve Been Given?

Behind the Shot - Video

Sep 8 2022 • 37 mins

Today is another special episode, at least to me it is. In the almost six years I have been doing this show I have had guests share so much knowledge, and that got me thinking. "What is the Best Photo Advice You've Ever Been Given?" is a pretty open ended question. In fact, if you replace the word "photo" with "creative" it gets even more generalized. Still, it's an interesting one because for many of us there has been a moment where someone shared something with us that 'clicked'. It could be a quote we saw, a technique we learned, words of wisdom from someone we respect, or simply words of encouragement at a time when we really need it. Everyone creative that I know has helped someone else at some point. We have all, in fact, been on both sides of that equation at some point. From asking questions about gear, technique, or business, to answering them for someone else.  Reviewing a friend's website, critiquing their images, or helping them figure out what rate to quote for a gig are just a few of the ways we, as a community, help each other. It's part of what makes me feel close to other photographers, many of whom I have never met in person. Good honest advice is invaluable in any line of work, but in the creative world it can be the difference between getting a gig, or not. That is where today's show comes from, the desire to share with you really good advice. I reached out to a number of people I respect in the photography and creative worlds, and I asked each of them "What is the Best Photo Advice You've Ever Been Given?" - and the response blew me away. Many of today's guests are friends of mine, or friends of the show, while some are people I only know through social media. Everyone whose schedule allowed it wanted to join in. I asked each of them to record a video, of around one or two minutes, where they introduce themselves, share the best advice they've been given, and let you know where you can follow them. Some of them have pro setups for doing this (I'm looking at you Bergman), while others used their phones. This is what made it all really work for me. This show isn't about being on a set, or having a great mic in front of you. It's all about the great knowledge these pros share, and the responses often surprised me. Spanning everything from technique and technical tips to business concepts, this show is exactly what I was hoping for, and I hope you find it as special as I do. BTW, while I did reference photography in the question, the responses can be applied to any creative space. Join me and 19 friends of the show, as we answer the question "What's the Best Photo Advice You've Ever Been Given", on this Behind the Shot. Thank you to this these amazing creatives that joined in for today's show (in alphabetical order): Adam Elmakias: | @elmakias Aki Fujita Taguchi: | Andy Ihnatko: | @ihnatko Ant Pruitt: | | | @ant_pruitt Brad Moore: | @bmoorevisuals Britt Bowman: | @britt_bowman Christie Goodwin: | @christiegoodwin David Bergman: | | @davidbergman Freddy Clark: | @freddyclarkphoto Ian Spanier: | @ianspanier Jeff Harmon: | @harmonjeff Joe McNally: | @joemcnallyphoto Jose Negrete: | @_josenegrete Moose Peterson: | @moosepeterson Peter Hurley: | | @peter_hurley Rick Sammon: | @ricksammonphotography Steve Rose: | @steve_rose Troy Miller: | | @spicyjello | @spicyjello_bw Vanessa Joy: | @vanessajoy