College Wrestling Photography

Behind the Shot - Video

May 5 2022 • 42 mins

A few days ago Jeremy Lanthorn (@Snackem on Twitter) sent me a guest suggestion: @stevebrazill check out @LeviVentura_ and this shot of @GableSteveson at the NCAA wrestling tournament. Would make a great BTS episode. I get a lot of guest suggestions, and while I reach out to most of them, many never answer back. In this case, I replied to the tweet, Levi Ventura answered back almost instantly, and here we are with a new show. I wasn't familiar with Levi before this, but I hope more people will be after this show. Levi Ventura is a 22 year old college student majoring in graphic design. He has only been working as a freelance photographer & videographer since 2019, but since that time he has been creating content for Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Gold Medalist Jordan Burroughs' social media. Ranging from high school sports to the NCAA, this young creative has been creating such fantastic work in a very short period of time. Along with a clear passion for sports photography and video, Levi has also been focusing on working with small businesses and brands to help provide quality content for their social media sites. Based on looking through his site, I'd expect big things from Levi to happen quickly. His client list already includes names like Asics and USA Wrestling, and it's his NCAA wresting work that really jumps out - yes, a jump joke for today's image. Join photographer Levi Ventura and me as we explore his composite image of Gable Steveson doing his famous backflip, after winning his final match at his last NCAA wrestling tournament, on this Behind the Shot. Connect with Levi Portfolio: Instagram: Twitter: @LeviVentura_ YouTube: @LeviVentura Vimeo: @LeviVentura Levi's Photographer Pick Tony Rotundo: @tonyrotundo.waw on Instagram