In Public: Street Photography

Behind the Shot - Video

Jun 2 2022 • 45 mins

George Schaub is a photographer's photographer, and that may be the best compliment I can give anyone. George has a been a professional photographer since 1966, when he was the House photographer for promotion, brochures, and events at International House, NYC - and he's been a writer for almost as long. From the 1970s through the 2000s his career took off, with articles published in Studio Photography magazine, followed by articles and illustrations in the New York Times Sunday Arts and Leisure section, Video Photography, Lens Magazine, Lens on Campus, Photographer’s Forum, Camera Arts, Photo District News, and a monthly column in Darkroom Photography magazine. George was a regular contributor to Travel Holiday magazine and he had photo and technology related articles in consumer magazines such as Popular Mechanics, Travel & Leisure, Men’s Journal, and American Photographer. After covering the L.A. olympics, George was hired as an Assistant Editor at popular Photography magazine, and later became a writer and copy editor, before eventually becoming the Executive Editor. With all of that experience, George has also been heavily involved on the education side of photography, through his writing, and his workshops through a number of educational outlets, including the famed Santa Fe Photo Workshops. He was an Adjunct Professor at New School University/Parsons School of Design, teaching courses that included a General Intro lecture course, a Masters Class in Black and White Printing, Digital Camera intro; Advanced Photo Techniques; Digital Photo Processing, and Digital Printing. He has also been an Adjunct Professor at Sitka University for online critiques and assignments. His body of work is extensive, and after a number of photo and illustration books, some of which have been self-published, George's latest book is In Public, which covers his street photography from 1970 through 2020. Join author, educator, and photographer George Schaub and me as we explore his approach to Street Photography, his new book In Public, and his photo Illusion Realite, on this episode of Behind the Shot. Connect with George Portfolio: Instagram: @gschaubphoto Facebook: EBay: George's Book In Public: George's Photographer Pick W. Eugene Smith: