29.12.2021 - 2021 A Retrospective and 2022 What's in Store?

Wild Nature Photography Podcast

Dec 29 2021 • 22 mins

As is tradition on my blog, every year I do a “What’s in Store” post for the new year as well as reflect back, and wrap up the year that was. 2021 was quite frankly a disastrous year for just about everyone and when I look back at the calamitous results of the COVID pandemic I can categorically say I am very glad to see the back of 2021. Historically, I have always done this as a written blog post, but because of the extended length, I have decided to move my Wrap post to the Podcast format.

2021 was a year that included just one travel destination, that was Finland for my Wolves and Wolverines workshop (Read the Trip Report). The rest of the year was more or less spent in various stages of COVID lockdown.

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