Finding Your Hunger

Always Satisfied Eating

Aug 20 2021 • 22 mins

In this second episode of the Always Satisfied Eating podcast, Ann Silver presents one of the hallmarks of Always Satisfied—eating when you are hungry. Ann explores with you finding your hunger. Sound odd? Well, it is. You want to eat when you are hungry, truly hungry.

Do you know what it feels like to be hungry? Can you explain it? Even if you know when you are hungry, there are varying degrees of hunger. Learn to identify your own hunger and the ideal level of hunger so you can eat in control.

Besides eating when you are really hungry there may be other reasons you eat. Self-examine five reasons you may be eating when you are not truly hungry and should not be eating.  There are two reasons you should eat.  Can you guess what they are?

Unfortunately, there are those in society who are hungry but not by choice but because of the limited availability of food. You may know someone who is food insecure. Ann offers resources to help.  Always Satisfied Eating wants to help you and others to satisfy their hunger.