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Struggling with your eating? Do you skip or delay eating? Eat because you are bored, anxious, or stressed? Frustrated with being on the latest diet without lifelong success? Ann Silver, the Hamptons’ successful private practice Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, will share with you the same practical, common-sense advice based on a no-diet approach she used with her individual patients. Listen to Ann as she guides you to analyze your eating, resolve your relationship with food and explore your dieting/food issues all while managing your health and weight. The goal? To eat to be Always Satisfied! read less
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Stop the Dieting Merry-Go-Round and Eat Always Satisfied
Aug 20 2021
Stop the Dieting Merry-Go-Round and Eat Always Satisfied
In this premiere episode of the Always Satisfied Eating podcast, Ann Silver, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist introduces you to the Always Satisfied approach. Ann developed Always Satisfied Eating from the success she had in private practice over many years with individuals who struggled with their eating and weight. Always Satisfied Eating is NOT a diet. This is a non-diet approach. What does that mean? There is NO counting, weighing, or restricting!!! Always Satisfied is your opportunity to learn about your eating behavior. Weight loss diets do not do that. Well, they may say they address your eating behavior but there always some form of counting, weighing, or restricting food. Always Satisfied does not do this. Always Satisfied teaches you to learn, understand and relate to you and your eating, not the outside world. In your lifetime, how many different diets have you been on? How well did they work for you? Obviously, they did not work if you are frequently on the dieting merry-go-round. Whatever the newest, latest, and trendiest diet you are on it!Diets come up with a generic solution to everyone’s problem. They do not address YOUR real issue. You may abstain from a certain food or categories while you comply with the diet, but that probably does not last long. The only way to come up with the best solution is to identify the cause of the problem. Always Satisfied will help you to learn about yourself and your eating. This is not a quick fix. This is a process, but it works. Give Always Satisfied Eating a try so you can eat and be Always Satisfied.