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SIMPLY DELICIOUS LIVING WITH MARYANN® PODCASTS, hosted, produced, and written by Maryann Ridini Spencer, an Award-Winning novelist, screenwriter, producer, lifestyle journalist, and chef, is dedicated to sharing healthy living and inspiring body, mind, spirit content. On the Simply Delicious Living PODCAST (VIDEO & AUDIO), Maryann delves into a host of healthy and joyous living topics. On Author Talk PODCAST (VIDEO & AUDIO), Maryann interviews fiction and non-fiction authors, screenwriters, creatives, and innovators in all industries about their works, creative processes, and inspirations. The Mystical Rose PODCAST (VIDEO & AUDIO): Go deeper into the faith and understanding on The Mystical Rose PODCAST. Host Maryann Ridini Spencer speaks with authors, religious leaders, and inspiring speakers about faith, hope, love, and living in God’s will. The rose, the queen of flowers, since early times, has come to represent the Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven. In art, Mother Mary is often depicted holding or surrounded by roses and the rosary (which means “garland of roses”). St. John Henry Newman, in his meditations on the Litany of Loreto, referred to Our Lady as Rosa Mystica, the Mystical Rose, because she “is the Queen of spiritual flowers; and like the rose, she is the most beautiful of all flowers,” and that, “from the first was perfect in her sweetness and her beautifulness, and at length when the angel Gabriel had to come to her, he found her ‘full of grace.’” Watch the SIMPLY DELICIOUS LIVING WITH MARYANN® award-winning "How-To" Cooking TV series on KVCR PBS-TV (Southern California), DirecTV, Dish Network, and For more information on the series or Maryann's novels and cookbooks, visit or Also, visit Maryann's Amazon Author Page: read less
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