Episode Three: Paula McClean

More than a lump

Mar 24 2022 • 28 mins

Paula McClean was getting ready for a family wedding, where her three little girls were flower girls, one summer evening in July. She was applying tan to her arm and chest area when she felt a lump. In today’s podcast Paula shares her story of being diagnosed with Stage 2 Invasive Breast Cancer at the age of just 42, she talks about what made her get that lump checked, her treatment journey and why the emotional scars remain with her to this day, over 11 years later. Paula shares a really honest reflection on the trauma of a breast cancer diagnosis, the worries and anxieties it brings, even years later. She also chats to Aisling about how her love of fashion, running, and being part of a community of women who have travelled the same road as she has, has helped her, but most importantly Paula talks about how, as a mother of three little girls, who are now teenagers and young women, she is passionate about continued investment into breast cancer research. She wants to protect girls like her daughters and indeed future generations of Irish women, to make sure they survive and thrive, despite what life throws at them.