The Lost Journals

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THE WAR BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL BEGINS 'The Lost Journals' is an original horror fiction drama told through the main character Aleister Kane. Take a journey into the dark realms of demons, the guiding light of Archangels and a man caught in the middle of a war between Heaven and Hell. My name is Aleister Kane. I'm a collector of rare objects and practitioner of the Occult. Most of the objects in my collection are cursed while others are haunted but most are dangerous, especially in the wrong hands. One object has eluded me all my life. The Lost Journals of Doctor Crowe. Doctor Crowe was a Priest, Demonologist and Exorcist who confronted the most sinister demons to ever enter our realm. He mysteriously disappeared over 30 years ago without a trace. I believe that if I could find his journals, they may contain clues as to how or why he disappeared. So join me as I embark on a mysterious journey into the shadows of the night and the realms of Demons. But only if you're brave enough to listen. Follow on Twitter @LostJournalsPod read less