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Grow and Scale Your Business. The Growth Mode Show gives you all the insights you need to know while building your business. From Sales, Business Development, Marketing, and Mindset; entrepreneurs Donnie Boivin and Kevin Snow debate what it takes to accelerate the business scaling process and share tactical strategies to help you find your way to business freedom.
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Love Your Haters
5d ago
37 mins
Love Your HatersPowerful Sales Questions That Get You PaidHow to Setup Your Sales ProcessLIVE! from the Badass Business SummitTop Sales Techniques for EntrepreneursDon’t Be The Victim.Sell Them What They Want; Give Them What They NeedSelling The Invisible Value: How To Sell ServicesCold Calling 101: Never Call AloneCold Calling Strategies that WorkHow to Really Listen to PeopleHow to Achieve Your Goals by Not Focusing on ThemThe Reality of Being an Entrepreneur
Is it tough? Is it hard? How do you get good at it?No one tells you the whole truth about what it’s like building a business. Marketing paints this picture of entrepreneurship being a breeze, carefree, sitting on the beach enjoying another vacation. The preset public perception of being a business owner is that you are making a ton of money. But the reality is sitting at your computer at midnight for the 6th night in a row crunching numbers doing bookkeeping. As a kid, the idea of being an entrepreneur wasn’t something I had imagined or understood the concept of a business owner. The same is not true for the generation coming up now, where everyone has their own small business and side hustles.  For me, becoming a business owner was a giant mental leap from an employee being told what to do and given a set of expectations—versus now, running my own business having to set my expectations and accountability measures.  Links Website - https://successchampionnetworking.com/ (https://successchampionnetworking.com/) YouTube Video - https://youtu.be/i4QFsW5yxfc (https://youtu.be/i4QFsW5yxfc) Blog - https://successchampionnetworking.com/the-reality-of-being-an-entrepreneur/ (https://successchampionnetworking.com/the-reality-of-being-an-entrepreneur/) Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/SuccessChampion (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SuccessChampion) In all honestly, it is by far the most challenging, most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life. Tough shit is going to hit you from all directions, but at the end of the day, you’re building something that is 100% yours.
Sep 15 2021
14 mins
How to Sell If You’re An Introvert
There's this huge idea that introverts hate interacting with people. And that's not actually the truth, we like people, for the most part. And we can interact with them when we can, and we can socialize with them just fine. It's just that after an extended period of time, we're like, "Oh, just everyone, I need some time alone. And I need to recharge, whereas people like you get all their energy from being in a big crowd and being the center of attention and having all that interaction." So you know, it's people we can do. It's just, how we recharge. Now, there are some extremely important personality traits that we have that we need to control. And other ones that we need to really leverage to be able to sell effectively. The first one that we need to control in the sales arena is the fact that we know everything about our product. Because we are so into detail, and we want to know why and how, and we ask all those hard questions. So because we want to know, because that's how we work, we also feel our clients want to know us, we like to just like, throw up on them. And that really comes across, especially in the tech fields, where you'll see a lot of introverts like us selling. And we'll get in front of the CEO who really doesn't care about features and technical jargon and capabilities, and we'll give him all of that. But once we're in front of the IT guy that we're also parallel selling to, we can have that deep dive feature conversation, and we're all both going to have fun. Links Website - https://successchampionnetworking.com/ (https://successchampionnetworking.com/) YouTube Video - https://youtu.be/PTL-vnMXZKw (https://youtu.be/PTL-vnMXZKw) Blog - https://successchampionnetworking.com/how-to-sell-even-if-youre-an-introvert/ (https://successchampionnetworking.com/how-to-sell-even-if-youre-an-introvert/) Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/SuccessChampion (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SuccessChampion)
Sep 11 2021
14 mins
How to Sell Anything to AnyoneStop CLOSING Start SELLINGMindset of the BEST SalespersonPeople Buy Feelings Not StuffMental Toughness. What is it, How to get it and How to Keep it.How To be the Best Salesperson
Before we get into being the best salesperson, I need to define what I mean by being the best salesperson.  There’s a massive difference between a great salesperson and what most people are.  An actual salesperson is someone that can find a client that has never heard of your company and strike up a conversation, build a relationship, get them to say yes to doing business with you, and can maintain and nurture that partnership long-term. That's what defines the best salespeople in the world.  Too many people are transactional order takers. To be the best salesperson, you have to be a hunter. If you’re trying to figure out sales, and you’re not a student of the sales process, it’s a huge indicator of why you’re not going bigger and better. Find a mentor or a coach to educate yourself. But don’t go just to learn what is being taught. Show up, ask questions, and apply the concepts in your sales process. It’s not coming in and taking notes on how to sell. It’s hearing it and all-out using it and then thinking about tweaking it to make it better.  That’s how you become the best salesperson. Links Website - https://successchampionnetworking.com/ (https://successchampionnetworking.com/) YouTube Video - https://youtu.be/avsESJ1ocBE (https://youtu.be/avsESJ1ocBE) Blog - https://successchampionnetworking.com/how-to-be-the-best-salesperson/ (https://successchampionnetworking.com/how-to-be-the-best-salesperson/) Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/SuccessChampion (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SuccessChampion)
Aug 21 2021
12 mins