The Art of Authentic Selling: Embracing and Elevating Your Business Offerings

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Nov 9 2023 • 48 mins

Authentic selling, innovative networking, and the transformative power of original thought in business with Eddie Yoon. Donnie challenges the status quo with his candid take on industry jargon, while Eddie unveils the strategic framework of category design that can revolutionize how we approach business networking.

🔗 Timestamps:

0:00 - Introduction to Authentic Selling with Donnie Boivin

5:35 - Eddie Yoon on Category Design in Networking

15:20 - The Knowledge Pyramid: From Memorization to Creation

25:45 - The Impact of Original Thought on Influence

35:00 - The Synergy of Cross-Pollination in Business Relationships

45:15 - Closing Thoughts and Call to Action

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"22 Laws of Category Design" -

Category Pirates on Substack -

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💡 What You'll Learn:

  • How to cut through cliché industry phrases and sell with authenticity.
  • The art of category design and its role in setting your business apart.
  • The evolution of networking into meaningful, mutually beneficial matchmaking.
  • The journey from knowledge to wisdom and the creation of original thought.
  • The power of cross-pollination in fostering innovative business partnerships.

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