31: Pro Angler Dean Rojas—Cold Bass Fishing

Gearbox Talk

Dec 16 2020 • 22 mins

Catching bass in cold weather requires a different strategy. Dean Rojas, pro bass fisherman, shares his tips for catching big bass in the cold! Dean explains how to catch bass before and after a cold front, what type of lures and what size lures to use, how fast to retrieve your lure in the cold, what baits cover the different columns in the water, the best time to go fishing in cold weather, where the fish go when the cold weather hits, and what spots to hit if your fishing on the bank. This episode of Gearbox Talk is made for beginners and avid anglers.Gearbox Talk is brought to you by GoWildDownload GoWild today. Join a community of shooters, hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.http://bit.ly/DownloadGoWildNowGear Mentioned:Spro Dean Rojas Bronzeye Frog 65 https://bit.ly/GW-Spro_DR_FrogBig bite fighting frog - 4 inch https://bit.ly/GW-BB_Fighting_FrogSpro little john https://bit.ly/GW-Spro_Little_John6 foot 10 inch rod https://bit.ly/GW-6_10_RodBig bite cane thumper https://bit.ly/GW-BB_Cane_ThumperGamakatsu g-finesse hook https://bit.ly/GW-Gamakatsu_g-finesse_hookBassman Compact Series Tandem Blades https://bit.ly/GW-tandem_BladesBaitcaster reel https://bit.ly/GW-baitcasterSunline - 12 pound test line https://bit.ly/GW-Sunline_12poundBig Bite Wacky Stick bait - 5 inch https://bit.ly/GW-BB_Wacky_StickGamakatsu 3 aught extra wide gap https://bit.ly/Gamakatsu_hookSpro Rattling Aruku Shad ⅛, ½, ⅝ ounce https://bit.ly/Spro_Aruku_ShadShow Notes:Steven Taylor’s Bass Fishing show: https://youtu.be/7COgWEIEZ1E Facebook Dean Rojas pro angler: https://www.facebook.com/DeanRojasProAngler Instagram Dean_rojas: https://www.instagram.com/dean_rojas/ Twitter Deanrojas5for45: https://twitter.com/DeanRojas5for45 Blog & Full Transcription: https://www.timetogowild.com/stories/How-To-Catch-Bass-When-Its-Cold-Dean-Rojas-Pro-Angler Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices