Balanced FI Podcast

RaLea Harbrige

The Balanced FI podcast is all about practical, real-world ways to pay off debt, save money, and balance life with financial goals. Each week your host, RaLea, dives into a family finance topic that will improve your life: the steps to financial security, debt payoff methods, easy ways to save money on everyday expenses, and more... all with a dose of intentional living, a dash of minimalism & a splash of the realities of parenting a child with disabilities.
32. Frugal not Cheap: 6 Things You Shouldn’t Skimp On31. How to Find Grants to Pay Medical Bills30. 3 Simple Gratitude Prompts for Your Holiday Season29. All You Need to Know About Keeping Fun in Your Budget28. Do You Need a Credit Score While Debt-Free?27. 5 Tips for a Frugal Christmas26. How to Find Good Mental Health Care That Fits in Your Budget
Nov 9 2021
26 mins
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