Did We Just Become Best Friends? with Jess Garvin

Summer of Me

Apr 25 2024 • 33 mins

The dynamic duo takes on the Podcast! Kendra and her bestie Jess, spill the tea on the art of adult friendships. From sharing stories of their own wild adventures to dishing out advice on how to find your ride-or-die, these two fabulous friends bring the heat. They emphasize the importance of being your authentic self, reaching out, and being brave in building connections. With a sprinkle of pranks, heartfelt moments, and a whole lot of laughter, this episode is a delightful reminder that true friendships are built on intention, vulnerability, and a whole lot of fun. So grab your bestie, pour a glass of champagne, and tune in for some friendship wisdom and a whole lot of laughs! Cheers to friendship goals and living life feral! 🥂👯‍♀️

{00:00:00} - Welcome to a Chat with Jess
{00:03:40} - Building Friendships: Meeting and Connecting
{00:09:24} - Being Vulnerable and Addressing Disagreements
{00:17:14} - Keeping Inner Circle Small but Open
{00:30:44} - Having Fun and Being Feral
{00:31:52} - Going Through Challenges Together
{00:35:12} - Pranks and Fun Moments
{00:37:34} - Importance of Intention and Effort in Friendship

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