Group Therapy: Exploring Grief and Loss with Nana

Summer of Me

May 9 2024 • 30 mins

Welcome to the first session of “Group Therapy” with a special guest, Nitro Nana, Kendra’s mom, who is a therapist with expertise in grief and loss. They discuss the concept of grief as the expression of love after a loss, and the stages of grief, and finding meaning. Nana emphasizes the importance of allowing oneself to feel and process grief without rushing the process. They also dive into how to discuss grief with children, emphasizing the need for honesty and age-appropriate explanations. Making meaning out of grief is a crucial step, whether it's through honoring the memory of a loved one or finding positives in a difficult situation like divorce. Nana provides valuable insights and her best tips on coping with grief. Tune in for an episode full of a compassionate informative discussion on navigating grief and loss in various aspects of life. If you’re in need of grief resources go to or Psychology Today to find a grief therapist.


[00:00:00] - What is Bird Nesting?
[00:05:30] - Decision to Separate and Need for Space
[00:10:00] - Explaining Bird Nesting to Kids
[00:15:00] - Pros and Cons of Bird Nesting
[00:20:00] - Setting Boundaries and Financial Considerations
[00:23:00] - What Life Looks Like Without Each Other

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