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Personal Best - Chapter 3 - Enthusiasm
Sep 7 2021
Personal Best - Chapter 3 - Enthusiasm
In chapter 3 we move onto enthusiasm, looking at how it is communicated through our actions, words, and the way we connect with others.  The word ‘enthusiasm’ comes from the Greek word ‘enthousiasmos’, which comes from the adjective ‘entheos’, meaning ‘the god within’. Even if a person looks unmotivated and not have the energy to cross the road, much less have ‘a god with’. But speak to them about their passion you can see a physical change, becoming animated and excited as they speak about what they love. Throughout my meetings with successful people, I noticed time after time their passion and energy come through. ‘The Job Offer’ would you take a job that pays you a penny a day, but it doubles every day for a month, or would you take a million pounds at the end of the month? But you must look after cows and clean up their manure, work thirty days without a holiday and only a fifteen-minute break a day would you be enthusiastic about the job? What if you found out that taking the penny a day works out to be £10,737,418.24, would you be enthusiastic now? Of course, this is a ridiculous scenario, but the point is if we believe that what we are doing helps us achieve the goal then we could immediately become passionate and enthusiastic about it. ‘Morning people’ would you consider yourself a morning person?  Are you able to get up in the morning and go to work even though others will still be sound asleep? I have a friend that says he hates mornings, but he will happily get up on a Saturday at 5am to get ready to play golf, get to the club at 6am, practise for an hour before his 7am tee-off slot. Of course, the reason he can do this is because he is enthusiastic about playing golf and has less for his job. Throughout my research, the people I spoke with were doing exactly what they wanted to do in life. ‘Stop working, start living’ is work really work if you love what you are doing? A question to ask yourself, are you truly doing something you love or are you doing it because of obligations to others, because it gives you a wage? Soon you will realise it will start to cause you. Distress. ‘Love what you do’ what are you passionate about? Start writing down what you love and keep writing it down, don’t think about it nor second guess what you will write. A fundamental characteristic of a successful person is their passion. ‘Seize the moment’ why wait? Being grateful for where we are right now and for the opportunities that are in front of us is a good starting point for change.