01 - Origin Story - Growing Up Neurodivergent in the Pathology Paradigm

Wheels On My Back

Apr 11 2021 • 50 mins

This is the most in-depth I've ever shared publicly about my experience growing up neurodivergent.

The goal for this episode is to illustrate how the current medical and educational models fail to meet the needs of ND kids (and have for a long time), and what neurodiversity advocates mean when we say that all ND behavior is communication.

If you teach or parent neurodivergent kids with challenging behaviors, I hope you can listen with an open mind.

Though this is my story, certain elements are far from unique.

Content warning: bullying, medication, caregiver abuse, support classrooms, meltdowns, tics, behavior contracts, planned ignoring, helplessness, suicidal ideation, digestive problems, masking, internalized ableism, and more.

Jess Edelstein is an award-winning entrepreneur (Shark Tank, Forbes 30 Under 30, EY Winning Women), #actualyautistic neurodiversity advocate, mental health enthusiast, meditator, dog lover, Broadway geek, soap maker, idealist, and in general a multi-passionate nerd inspired by making the world a safer place for all. She’ll talk your ear off if you let her, so starting a podcast just made sense. She likes it when things make sense. Unlike writing her own bio in the third person. Why is this even a thing? Ok I’m gonna stop typing n