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Mandarin Chinese Mp3 Audio Lessons, PDF Transcripts, Worksheets, Situational Dialogues and Chinese Character Videos

Lesson 001. Basic Greetings in Mandarin Chinese.Lesson 001. PDF Lesson Transcript (Read First).Lesson 002. Chinese Tones and  Pronunciation.Lesson 003. More Greetings and Expressing Needs in Chinese.Lesson 003-1. Video Lesson. Writing Chinese Numbers.Lesson 004. Introducing People. Nationalities and Occupations.Lesson 005. What’s Your Name?Lesson 006. Chinese Food is Good to Eat!Lesson 007. Review Lesson.Lesson 008. Let’s Talk About Hobbies.Lesson 009. Weather and Seasons in Chinese.Lesson 010. Meeting New People. Business Cards in China.Lesson 011. Bargaining in Mandarin Chinese.Lesson 012. Home Sweet Home.Lesson 013. My Family.Lesson 014. Time Concepts and Calendar.Lesson 014-1. Video Lesson.  Introduction in Chinese.Lesson 015. Phone Calls in Mandarin Chinese.Lesson 016. Giving Gifts, Visiting Friends, Drinking Culture.Lesson 017. Asking For or Giving Directions.