Episode 2: Pursuing Joy in God's Love

Pursuing Joy

Dec 26 2022 • 20 mins

Welcome to Pursuing Joy! I am so glad you're here!  In this episode, we are diving deep into the word, LOVE. To do so, we need to start with the author and creator of love, God. We'll take a look at what the Bible says about love and how it differs from our worldly view of love. After listening you should be filled with joy knowing that God's love is life-changing, unlike anything we can imagine and that it is not meant to be contained!

Pursuing Joy Links:

Worship Songs that remind me of God's AGAPE love and his ever-present peace: (links are through Spotify)

Bible Plans/Studies (found in the YouVersion Bible App):

  • "For God Has Not Given You The Spirit Of Fear" - Vance K. Jackson
  • "Hearing God's Voice First"
  • "Pursuing Peace"
  • "Speak To My Heart, Jesus"

** The Bible Project Video on "Agape" - Link Here