Episode 11: Pursuing Joy in Marriage with Dr. Kim Kimberling

Pursuing Joy

Mar 27 2023 • 57 mins

Welcome to Pursuing Joy! In this episode, a special guest is joining us - Dr. Kim Kimberling! Dr. Kim has been a professional counselor for 40 years, he and his wife Nancy have been married for 53 years and he is a Dad and Grandpa. He’s an Author, Podcaster, Dr. Kim is the President and co-founder of Awesome Marriage - which is his Nonprofit Christian Marriage Ministry. Whether you're single, engaged, or married - there is so much wisdom to gain from Dr. Kim. In this episode, I have the pleasure of being able to ask him questions about marriage that I have heard, that I have personally, and that I see on Social Media.

We Discuss:

  • How to have healthy conflict and how to model that for your children
  • Gender roles within marriage - how do you have this conversation with your spouse?
  • The impact of Social Media on marriages
  • How do you navigate being on separate pages from your spouse (spiritually, emotionally, parenting, etc.)
  • Who you should seek out for marriage advice
  • How to best support friends who confide in you with their own marital issues
  • The importance of praying together as a couple as well as where to begin if you've never done it

You do not want to miss this episode, I promise!!

I pray it blesses you and your marriage & that you feel encouraged to love your spouse even bigger and better!

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