Practice Automation featuring Natalie Pierce and Stephanie Goutos of Gunderson Dettmer

ABA Innovation Network

Oct 13 2021 • 29 mins

Gunderson Dettmer partner and chair of the firm's labor & employment practice, Natalie Pierce believes that life is a working towards a constant state of improvement. Stephanie Goutos, Gunderson Dettmer's practice innovation attorney, agrees and shares her expertise on how automated processes can foster those improvements. After a year the results have been clear.  According to Pitchbook, Gunderson Dettmer has had a record breaking year in 2020 and continues to experience unprecedented growth.

Today we talk with two brilliant innovators about the incredible growth they have seen in the last year and how that growth will be sustainable into the future. We discuss automated intake procedures, how to reduce email and the benefits of data collection and analysis.

Featured Guests:

·       Natalie Pierce: Partner & Chair of Gunderson Dettmer’s Employment Practice

·       Stephanie Goutos: Practice Innovation Attorney, Gunderson Dettmer’s Employment Practice

Gunderson Dettmer:

Gunderson Dettmer is a leading law firm for entrepreneurs, emerging growth companies and the VC firms that support them. You can follow their social media here:



Future work Playbook Podcast:

The Future Work Playbook podcast looks at how the future of work will be shaped by technology, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, automation, and other innovations and how visionary leaders can successfully guide their companies through it all. Join Gunderson Dettmer partner, chair of the firm’s labor and employment practice, and host Natalie Pierce as she interviews top emerging companies and leaders from around the globe to help you and your company develop new playbooks for work.


Redesigning legal:

As part of our Redesigning Legal Speaker Series, on October 20, 11 a.m.–12 p.m. MDT, The Center For Innovation and its partners will explore how regulatory reform efforts can strike a balance between broader access to justice, sustainable access, and public protection.

Public protection has long been the stated justification for our strict licensing and regulation of lawyers—and the broader practice of law. Yet in our multi-jurisdictional and increasingly remote practice environment, lawyers who innovate are put in the crosshairs of unauthorized practice of law (UPL). Is it time for things to change? In a time when legal deserts—many of which are in areas bordering multiple jurisdictions—are widespread, access to justice is more critical than ever, and regulatory reform efforts are gaining unprecedented momentum, how can we strike a balance between broader access, sustainable practice, and public protection?

This panel will include Mike Kennedy, bar counsel for the Vermont Judiciary; Andrew Perlman, dean of Suffolk Law School; and Wendy Muchman, professor at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. Their conversation will be moderated by Lynda Shely, ethics lawyer at the Shely Firm PC.

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