Scam Goddess

Earwolf & Laci Mosley

“Scam Goddess is a podcast dedicated to fraud and all those who practice it! Each week host Laci Mosley (aka Scam Goddess) keeps listeners up to date on current rackets, digs deep into the latest scams, and breaks down historic hoodwinks alongside some of your favorite comedians! It's like true crime only without all the death! True fun crime!” read less

Our Editor's Take

Scamming is a beautiful thing. At least, that's what Laci Mosley thinks. This podcast centers on fraud, and it comes to listeners from the Scam Goddess herself. Scam Goddess is a podcast about swindles, hoaxes, rackets, hoodwinks, and cons. Listeners will explore the biggest frauds of all time. This fraud podcast discusses it all, from insurance scams to international con artists.

Technically, this is a true crime podcast. But it is a highlight of the genre with its tight focus on scamming and scammers. And the best part is that this podcast is never too serious. Mosley is a comedian and packs the episode with other funny folks, so this podcast is always good for a laugh. Listeners never need to worry about things getting too grim. Mosley and her guests explore the superstars of scamming, like the Tinder Swindler or Linda Taylor (known as the Welfare Queen). They also take Mosley's “con-gregation” through vast, organized fraud operations. No matter what's up for discussion, hilarity and hoaxes are sure to be part of it.

The podcast has been active since 2019. Though segments aren't episodic, some episodes make more sense when played chronologically. Listeners can expect segments to range from one to two hours. New episodes of the podcast drop every Tuesday.

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