Guest Medium & Spirit Portrait Artist Maureen Dana

The Psychic Hour

May 5 2023 • 1 hr 34 mins

Maureen Dana is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift. Based in New Jersey, Maureen is a Medium with a passion for helping people connect with their loved ones who have passed on. From a young age, Maureen had unexplainable experiences that connected her to the world beyond. Her father passed before she turned two, but she recalls experiencing his presence and talking to him throughout her life.

Maureen has had the honor of working with thousands of individuals as a Medium and is now a Spirit Artist additionally. In 2020, Maureen's spirit guides introduced her to the concept of Spirit portrait art. She continues to learn to draw and has been able to create visual representations of loved ones' essence. Through readings and sharing personal experiences, Maureen has opened up opportunities for individuals of all ages to feel comfortable enough to share their experiences and to feel understood.

Whether someone gives or receives a message from a loved one, it's incredible to be a part of a journey that helps open people's minds and hearts to the fact that life continues on.