Ep. 197 - Just Be Human (w. Dennis Gable)

Awaken The Awesome

May 16 2023 • 1 hr 32 mins

I think this episode is a very special one.

Recorded a while back, I had taken a lot of time before publishing it. Simply because, while listening to it during the editing stage, I realized that I was in a kind a weird mental state.

I've often told you guys that this show being a work in progress, one thing I would never do is pretend that I have it all figured out. Sometimes, I go into these conversations and what I have in mind and what eventually comes out of it are totally different. And that's one the time-capsule aspects of podcasting that I truly enjoy. You go back in time and relive conversations and emotions you forgot were there. And it really helps when the person you share this time with has both the empathy and space to receive what you have to share.

This is the mutual respect, vulnerability and brotherly love that came from this intimate, unfiltered and emotional exchange with my friend, Dennis Gable.

Even though he and I have never met in person, I do not hesitate to call him a personal friend, as in someone who's friendship, honesty, good heart and willingness to always be real has been nothing short of humbling. Something that I truly hope to keep giving back.

Dennis truly is a man of many talents.

He is a dedicated father, something that already makes him awesome in my book. As an imaginative entrepreneur, among his many ventures, he is the creator of 52 Card Pick Me Up, a Mental Health tool for all ages, helping you to identify and align the areas of your life that need attention and action.

He is the also a talented branding specialist, marketing consultant and content creator - or as he coined it himself back in 2019, a bonafied Brand Producer, integrating traditional marketing theory, relational philosophy, and foundational creative principles.

As a fellow podcaster, he his the creator and host of the Self To Society podcast where brings a vast and deeply masculine voice to the conversation on the topic of vulnerability and where he shares a deep understanding of the human experience through his singular perspective.

This conversation is one of those "...wait, I think we should record this.." type of scenarios where two men, two brothers, sat down and chose to hold space for each other in a moment of kindness where each other had a lot on their mind... manhood, confusion, the beauty and fragility of life, having the courage to be genuine in an age hypocrisy, what it means to being a good person...and so much more.

Unfiltered, unbothered, just truth - the best kind of recordings. Enjoy.

You can connect with Dennis via his official website as well as Instagram.


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