Ep. 201 - On Faith, courage and the will to serve - w. Pastor Michael Winfrey

Awaken The Awesome

Oct 16 2023 • 1 hr 6 mins

Asd transparent as I've been, I always shied away from bring up Religion on this show.

Reason being it is such a hot button issue, I'd basically decided it was going to be one the few topics I would avoid bringing up.

But something happened this year - been dealing with a lot of particular issues, from my personal health, to family emergencies, to professional shifts and everything in between.

Overwhelm has really done a number on me on many fronts.

Found myself doing a lot of soul searching of sorts and it is in conversation with my good friend Phil, that the subject of our religious upbringing came up as we were reminiscing about growing up in Haiti and how church was an non-negotiable.

In my admitting that I was feeling a bit "lost" in how I, as husband and father, was leading and caring my family, he suggested and invited me to participate in the Faithful Men's Fellowship bible study group.

In a sense of vulnerability and willingness to open my heart to reconnecting with my faith, I got on the Zoom call and got acquainted with a group of well-meaning, like-minded, incredibly open-hearted men who welcomed me with respect, truth and immense compassion.

As the leader and main speaker of the group, Pastor Michael Winfrey caught my eye as a no-holds barred, casual, insightful voice of wisdom and guidance that speaks to us from a place of experience and raw truth.

Which is why I wanted to have him on the show, as my first impression was such a resonating one. Felt like showing some gratitude and letting you guys know a bit more about the group and mission.

You can connect with Pastor Mike on Facebook or ...you're welcome to join the group for the weekly Saturday prayer call. Details below :



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