Ep. 199 - Live Genuinely (w. Julian Bell)

Awaken The Awesome

Aug 28 2023 • 50 mins

I came across Julian Bell's body of work through a Reel that was recommended on my Instagram feed.   Couldn't quite place it at the time, but as I'm recording this, I realize that what drew me, even on such a small screen, was this sense of genuine playfulness that he had about him.   I know that Reels are meant to catch our eye and give us that small second of dopamine and giggles, but Julian's content has that differentiating factor that sets it apart from all the junk. His is a particular mix of engaging playfulness and thoughtful engagement that might make you overlook what a truly hard worker you're looking at.     Even though I have long since put professional photography behind me, I always keep these masterful handlers of the visual art in high esteem.  Julian Bell is an incredibly talented creative and that goes without saying.    Being a skilled filmmaker, photographer as well as a  prolific content creator, Julian's storytelling skills and eye for detail have been effectively chiseled in order for his content to answer the needs of  his community.   Even with an ever increasing Social Media following, he manages to maintain a level head through it all, despite his success. From touching words of encouragement, to gear tips, to reminding us the importance of taking a break, Julian is one of those engaging souls whose warmth and approachability are always welcome.   On this episode, I sit down with Julian to talk about his beginnings, going full-time as filmmaker and content creator, the importance of play, tapping into your wild ideas, experimentation...and even get his insights on his favourite Anime and Manga.   You can connect with Julian via Instagram.   For bookings and business inquiries, visit his official website (https://www.mrniceguyfilms.com/).   Enjoy


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