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"The Putting Couch", presented by SeeMore Putter Company, is a podcast where any golfer can listen to anything and everything about putting. Hosts Jim Grundberg, Cody Hale, and Ted Gallina, and their guests, will give entertaining insights on putting instruction, the mental game, and share great stories from the tour. The team will also cover the science of fitting and the technology behind putting and putter dynamics and designs. Putting is 40% of the game and the fastest way to lower scores. You will be amazed at how much you learn from these podcasts! Sit back, relax and listen to some great and fun information. "The Putting Couch" is the first golf podcast exclusively devoted to all things Putting.
Episode 46 - The Putting Couch - Great Refresher Course On All Things Putting From Dr. Bob And The TOUR TeamEpisode 45 - The Putting Couch Talks Putter Fitting and More with The Founder of Club Champion - Nick SherburneEpisode 44 - The Putting Couch - A Discussion About Great Practice Plans & Routines Including The Role of Training AidsEpisode 43 - The Putting Couch - KISS - Keep It Simple...Episode 42 - The Putting Couch - Part 2 of 2 Part Series - Grip, Shaft and Club Head DifferencesEpisode 41 - The Putting Couch - Part 1 of 2 - Grip, Shaft and Club Head DifferencesEpisode 40 - The Putting Couch - the "Claw" putting grip...What is it?...How does it work?Episode 39 - The Putting Couch - Part 3 - Q and A with Dr. Bob Winters - Confidence on the Greens...30 minutes on a 3 Foot Putt!Episode 38 - The Putting Couch - Part 2 - Q and A: From how eye dominance plays a role in a putting stroke to different types of grips, a lively discussion occurs from questions submitted by our listeners.Episode 37 - The Putting Couch Podcast (Q and A: Lively Discussion Of Key Questions About All Things Putting Submitted By Our Listeners)Episode 36 - The Putting Couch Podcast (Joe Hallett, Director of Instruction at Vanderbilt Legends Club and World Renowned Tour Instructor)
Nov 5 2020
33 mins
Episode 35 - The Putting Couch Podcast (Dr. Bob Winters and the SeeMore TOUR Team Discuss the Love/Hate Relationship with a Putter) SeeMore Putter CompanyEpisode 34 - The Putting Couch Podcast (SeeMore's TOUR Team Revisits and Reinforces The Key Topics In Putting)Episode 33 - The Putting Couch Podcast (SeeMore Global Instructor Pat O'Brien Gives Putting Tips for On Course Corrections) - SeeMore Putter CompanyEpisode 32 - The Putting Couch Podcast (SPi Instructor - Bo Harris) - SeeMore Putter CompanyEpisode 31 - The Putting Couch Podcast (Professional Golfer Josh Radcliff) - SeeMore Putter CompanyEpisode 30 - The Putting Couch Podcast (Bernie Garsen - Founder of Garsen Golf - Talks Putter Grips and TOUR stories) - SeeMore Putter CompanyEpisode 29 - The Putting Couch Podcast (Global SPi Instructor, Paul Kaster, Shares Great Insights On His Philosophy On Putting And More) - SeeMore Putter CompanyEpisode 28 - The Putting Couch Podcast (Global SPi Instructor, Andy Gorman, Sits Down and Talks About "The Why" in Putting Along with His Road To Becoming a Putting Specialist) - SeeMore Putter CompanyEpisode 27 - The Putting Couch Podcast (Pro Golfer and Golf Content Creator Zac Radford Sits Down And Shares His Secrets on Golf, Putting, Social Media & More) SeeMore Putter Company
How did popular Golf Content Creator Zac Radford go from regularly shooting around 80 upon college graduation, to turning pro as a plus 6 handicap and winning a mini tour event just a few years later? Hint: it involves hitting tee shots over 350 yards, mastering the “stinger,” and a relentless focus on putting.  Zac also goes into detail with Dir. of SPi and TOUR Development, Cody Hale, about a common putting flaw that will sometimes creep into his game, and the team discusses how to fix it.  Enjoy! and SEE CONTEST BELOW!The Putting Couch takes a unique turn in episode 27, as we feature the story of one of the more interesting people in golf.  Meet Zac Radford, who graduated from college as a 12 handicap, yet was playing professionally and winning golf events with a plus six handicap just a few years later!  How can anyone's game progress at that pace?  Zac shares his secrets, how he focused on the short game with a vengeance, and how he developed a system for great putting. Zac also shares stories about his fascinating new life as a golf content creator, and about a nearly 150 foot putt he made that ended up on ESPN’s Sports Center Top 10 Plays.  Finally, Zac has started his own clothing company.  LISTEN to how you can win a hat and t-shirt from OSTRCH clothing company.WIN! a OSTRCH t-shirt and hat!!! ENTER and view rules for a chance to win a OSTRCH t-shirt and hat go to:Our instagram page - SeeMorePutters - find the Episode 27 podcast post and1. Follow SeeMorePutters and Ostrch.official 2. Like the post3. Tag your friends individually in a comment(1 Tag = 1 Entry) - Limited to 25 Entries per account.Winner will be announce Thursday ~ May 26th, 2020
May 18 2020
34 mins