Episode #186 Burn YOUR Ships w/guest Judge Graham

You Need More Money

Sep 18 2020 • 27 mins

In today's episode, Matt Manero brings in Judge Graham to discuss their business, Burn The Ships, and their new podcast, Scale With Speed.

Matt and his business partner/friend, Judge Graham, has been helping and coaching entrepreneurs from all over the country for over a year now. They have trained 150 entrepreneurs! They have helped their participants reach incredible levels of success that can take other entrepreneurs years to replicate.

After just one full-day session of Burn The Ships also know as BOOTCAMP their participant's careers have skyrocketed and many of them have returned to give Matt and Judge their success stories that you can see in the links below. The Bootcamp session is done their way class being held at the TEXAS GUN EXPERIENCE. It's a blast!

Check it out! Sign up for a Burn The Ships BOOTCAMP session today.

For more details or registration please see the links below.

Burn The Ships Website: https://www.burntheships.com/

BOOTCAMP * Burn The Ships: https://www.burntheships.com/bootcamp

Burn The Ships * Results/Testimonies: https://www.burntheships.com/results/

Watch the Scale With Speed Podcast Videos recorded live in-studio! Here: https://commercialfleetfinancing.com/scale-with-speed-podcast/