Ep. 287: Flat mates

Sunny 16 Podcast

Jun 4 2022 • 1 hr 14 mins

Its a full house of hosts this week, most of which are either ill or knackered, but you know, here! Fortunately sickness has not yet been shown to be transmissible via podcast and we've all been up to fun things to report back on. Well, Rach and Clare have.

If you want find out more about the Revela't Festival go here: https://revela-t.cat/2022/en/

The new Agent Shadow film sneaking out here: https://kosmofoto.com/product/kosmo-foto-agent-shadow-film/

The Chroma 612: https://chroma.camera/product-category/cameras/six12/

What Graeme's iffy zoom-burst pictures look like: https://graeme-jago.smugmug.com/Galleries/Thisandthat/Abstract/