Empowering women to feel safe and trust their intuition - with Otto Heutling

ImpACT-Mental Health

Jan 20 2020 • 38 mins

Otto Heutling author and CEO of FemPowerment - The future of women's self-defence and empowerment, believes that learning ninja moves is unrealistic and it's now time for a new paradigm.

Otto has an extensive background in martial arts, with more than 35 years training in various styles and 20 years of teaching physical self-defence, his philosophy to self-defence is very different.

Otto has designed a program to not only help women feel safe but to empower them, for them to trust themselves and to use their intuition. It is more about changing mindsets rather than learning unrealistic fighting moves.  He stresses the importance of using the underlying principles, not only in potentially dangerous situations but more importantly on a daily basis in all of life.  This knowledge empowers women not only to be safer but to live life more fully, happy and on their terms.

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