2022 Year In Review

The Book Nerd Diaries

Dec 23 2022 • 34 mins

This Is Where We Leave You... In this special Year In Review clip show, we look back on the year that was, and say our final farewells to you, dear Book Nerds, before the library doors close forever.

Cover Art: Drawn by Amber Wiltgen

Opening Music: The Grand Entrance , by astrofreq on Pixabay

Intro/Outro Music: Meadow Grass (Moody Ambient Cello) , by Dream-Protocol on Pixabay

Other Featured Music (In Order):

Unworthy , by GuilhermeBernardes on Pixabay

Magic Forest , by SergeQuadrado from Pixabay

Rest of The Fallen , by GuilhermeBernardes on Pixabay

Sommerregen , by madirfan on Pixabay

Fantasy lucid forest...part two , by Placidplace on Pixabay

Waves from Piano and Sea - Ambient Chill Out Piano Music and Waves , by JuliusH on Pixabay

SCHUBERT, Symphony#3 in D, 2nd Movement, -Classical Remix , by Nesrality on Pixabay

Naiad - peaceful and calm inspirational piano music , by HarumachiMusic on Pixabay

Garden of Untamed Roses Act II , by Lloyd Rodgers on Pixabay

Generative Digital Ambient music, by Amurich on Pixabay

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