Which Mortgage for Early Retirement? What is Private Credit? - 476

Your Money, Your Wealth

Apr 9 2024 • 49 mins

What is private credit and where does it fit in your investment portfolio? At age 60, Hope is tired of working and she’s hoping to retire in 2-3 years. Should she factor home equity into her retirement spending plan with a reverse mortgage? Which mortgage option for a Houston dream home is best for Nisa in San Jose’s early retirement goals? That’s today on Your Money, Your Wealth® podcast number 476 with Joe Anderson, CFP® and Big Al Clopine, CPA. Plus, Wayne in Phoenix needs to know how the section 121 tax exclusion works on a vacation home, and Jack and Jill in the UAE have questions about tax gain harvesting and the foreign earned income exclusion. Finally, are Joe and Big Al off their strategy game? A Spotify listener takes the fellas to task about the Affordable Care Act subsidy discussed in episode 472, and challenges their spitball for Duke and Daisy’s retirement spending plan in episode 475. Access this week's free financial resources and the episode transcript in the podcast show notes, and Ask Joe & Big Al On Air for your Retirement Spitball Analysis, at https://bit.ly/ymyw-476


•    00:00 - Intro
•    01:03 - What Is Private Credit? (Janine, La Jolla, CA)
•    08:07 - Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for Me? (Hope)
•    14:21 - Using Reverse Mortgages To Secure Retirement with Dr. Wade Pfau - YMYW Podcast 117
How Your Home Can Create Retirement Income - YMYW TV
•    14:59 - Which Mortgage Option is Best for Me in Early Retirement? (Nisa, San Jose, CA)
•    24:04 - Section 121 Tax Exclusion on a Vacation Home? (Wayne, Phoenix, AZ)
•    26:48 - What You Need to Know Before Filing Your Taxes in 2024 webinar
2024 Tax Planning Guide
•    27:39 - Foreign Earned Income Exclusion: Can I Harvest Long-Term Capital Gains? (Jack & Jill, UAE)
•    37:06 - ACA Subsidy & Retirement Spitball: Are Joe and Big Al Off Their Strategy Game? (Spotify commenter)
•    45:02 - The Derails