How to Take the Uncertainty of Taxes Off the Table - 474

Your Money, Your Wealth

Mar 26 2024 • 54 mins

Jimmy in Wisconsin will have a pension, Social Security, and a seven year retirement shortfall. How should he cover it? Skipper in Texas has some unusual pension options, which makes the most sense for his retirement needs? That’s today on Your Money, Your Wealth® podcast 474 with Joe Anderson, CFP® and Big Al Clopine, CPA. Should Mike and Carol in Virginia wait to do Roth conversions if they’ll be in a lower tax bracket in retirement? Where should Duncan in Texas invest in the 10 years before he retires early? Would it be stupid for Jay Z in Minnesota to miss out on free Roth opportunities? Can Ben in San Francisco’s “friend” use the rule of 55 on a rollover retirement plan? And finally, YMYW is fun, but of limited value, according to a recent review. Access this week's free financial resources and the episode transcript in the podcast show notes, and Ask Joe & Big Al On Air for your Retirement Spitball Analysis, at


  • 00:51 - Pension & Social Security: How Should We Cover Our 7 Year Retirement Shortfall? (Jimmy, WI)
  • 08:17 - 2:1 Matched Company Money vs. My Contribution: What to Do With My Pension? (Skipper, TX)
  • 15:46 - free retirement calculator
  • 16:47 - Should We Wait on Conversions If We’ll Be in a Lower Bracket in Retirement? (Mike & Carol, Falls Church, VA)
  • 24:22 - Where Should I Invest My Early Retirement Savings for the Next 10 Years? (Duncan, TX)
  • 30:18 - Is It Stupid to Miss Free Roth Opportunities? (Jay Z, MN)
  • 37:46 - Complete Roth Papers Package - free download
  • 38:33 - Rule of 55 on a Rollover Retirement Plan? (Ben, San Francisco)
  • 44:34 - Comment: Fun but limited value (Wemby2024)
  • 50:41 - The Derails