How to Deal with Negative Comments

The Jasmine Star Show

Mar 14 2023 • 11 mins

Have you ever gotten a negative or just downright rude comment?

If you have, you know the feeling you get when you read it - it just sucks the energy straight out of you.

And then you have to decide - do I respond? And if so - how?

I was recently asked this very question - How do you respond to rude comments? - during the Q&A portion of a live speaking event.

Little did the person asking the question know that I had JUST received a negative comment that morning and had to decide if and how to respond.

I shared with this person the three-part framework I’ve developed for responding (your girl is no stranger to negative comments) and in this episode, I’m breaking it down for you.

Click play to learn:

  • [00:13] The behind the scenes of how I got invited to this incredible speaking event [JD said the room felt like we were in a bottle of shaken champagne!]
  • [04:04] The question I was asked that quieted the entire room
  • [04:23] The rude comment I had received on Facebook that morning
  • [04:51] The three-part framework I use to deal with negative comments
  • [06:44] Why I hope negative comments come your way
  • [07:23] How I actually responded to the negative comment I received that morning

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