Taking Strategic Risk in Business: How to Determine Whether a Decision is the “Right” One

The Jasmine Star Show

Feb 21 2023 • 8 mins

Have you ever struggled with a decision in your business? Have you ever laid in bed and thought “is this decision the right decision?”

(Ok, that was a trick question: we all have).

A few months ago, in Episode 304, JD and I shared about how we were learning to embrace uncertainty and how that played out in our life and business.

A podcast listener reached out to me after that time to share how meaningful the podcast had been to her - and then she shared her own framework for making a decision that was just so dang good, I had to share it with you. Here’s the cliff notes version of the three questions she asks herself - but you’ll want to click play to hear the full context so you can apply it to your next business decision.

Question 1: Do I have the chops to do this new thing? [04:01]

Question 2: One year from now, would I regret not giving this a shot? [04:12]

Question 3: What’s the worst that could happen if it didn’t work out? [04:27]