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Ronald Fiedler

Kylie have always been interested in travel as a child growing up.

She would play for hours with the family Atlas, dreaming of places so far away that she had only read of in books.

So, when the chance came to be an exchange student in Sweden at the end of her schooling, She jumped at the chance and that cemented her love of travelling right there!

she always felt that to be a great Travel Advisor you need to be excited, passionate, empathetic and always eager to learn. So, when she looked at joining MTA she felt all of these qualities fit with her, and it's these same qualities that she always try to pass onto her clients as well.

After 16 years in the travel industry she joined MTA in November 2010 for its flexibility and passion for travel.

She love to give people the holidays they dream about, save up for and finally get to take!

Her top 3 favourite places to travel are Sweden, Hawaii and South Africa so far but whatever your dream destination is, She can send you there.

Luxury holidays, groups, and cruising are her favourite holidays to book, and through opportunities to either travel or study more destinations in depth, the world really is your oyster.

I completing my CLIA Masters Cruise Accreditation in January 2017, which is the culmination of 2 years of extra study, training, and cruise experience,

The opportunity to work with specialty luxury groups such as Virtuoso, Orient Express Bellini and Cruiseco has also been a blessing as it allows her to book experiences for my wonderful clients that are not available anywhere else.

Also, if you're ever stuck overseas somewhere and there's anything she can do about it, she will. If you want to book an extra special holiday of your dreams, or something that's a bit more luxurious or different, there is something she can do about it for you, and will.

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