Living in Your Box with Sarah Jenks

Plan Simple with Mia Moran

Mar 13 2018 • 48 mins

On this episode of the Plan Simple Podcast, I’m so excited to talk with Sarah Jenks. If I have ever met anyone who truly walks her talk, and then turns around and teaches us all the lessons she has learned, it is Sarah.

We dive deep into her story which starts with her longtime body image issues and how she finally made her life full of joy. We then move into motherhood where, once again, Sarah;s beliefs of who she thought she could be were tested. Through her struggles, she created some amazing magic tools and healing rituals, so that we too can thrive — and she shares some of them with us!

When I first me Sarah, I was drawn to her clarity. You will hear first-hand on this episode how her quest for clarity has really shaped her life – and what that means for her family, business and us.

We talk about:

  • Lies women tell ourselves about the choices we have in life

  • Listening to our bodies and intuition

  • Sarah’s inspirational story of going from being a totally stressed out mom to designing the life of her dreams — yurt and all!

  • How our feminine menstrual cycle perfectly matches the moon's cycle, and how men are very different

  • The novel idea of taking whole days and doing what we want, without guilt

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