Well-being: Leading your staff during a crisis – Part 1

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Apr 5 2021 • 7 mins

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on clinicians across the country. As the surge persists, staff stressors increase, and the relentless pressure compounds the seriousness of the problem.  This episode reveals how a new Chief Medical Officer at Loyola Medical Center helped his staff and himself get through this unusual crisis event.

Guest speaker:

Kevin Smith, MD, MBA (Guest) Chief Medical Officer Loyola University Medical Center


Nicole Spatafora, MS-HSM  Senior Director, PI Collaboratives Vizient

Show Notes:

[00:19] Loyola staff felt fear and confusion when COVID hit

[00:56] Kevin Smith was a new Chief Medical Officer when the pandemic hit

[01:18] Leadership team was new to Loyola

[01:48] Leadership stayed on campus to work through problems, and developed trust in each other

[02:34] Leadership tried to reassure staff they were being as transparent as possible

[03:05] Physicians wanted to hear from their local leader, but message had to be consistent with other messages

[03:38] Started virtual town halls

[04:00] Daily huddles with leadership

[04:25] Loyola’s three hospitals coordinated care with thee times a week leadership calls, forming a tight, regional bond

[05:16] Lessons learned as a leader who brought his staff through a crisis event

Links | Resources:

American Psychological Association: Building your resilience Click Here

CDC: Stress & Coping Click Here

AMA: Caring for Health Care workers during a crisis, Creating a resilient organization Click Here

Harvard Medical School: Strengthening Resiliency in Health Care Providers During the COVID-19 Pandemic Click Here

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