Workplace Violence – Part 2

Knowledge on the Go

Apr 18 2022 • 12 mins

Continuing the discussion for Workplace Violence Awareness Month, Lindsay Mayer, Rick Litzinger, and Dan Hunnisett explore the importance of building a solid foundation for staff education and training programs around workplace violence.

Guest speaker: Rick Litzinger Manager, Emergency Preparedness, Safety, Security Altru Health System

Dan Hunnisett Security Program Specialist, Security  Altru Health System

Moderator: Lindsay Mayer Senior Director Vizient

Show Notes:

[01:02] Education is foundational in addressing workplace violence, so it is vital to assess your organization’s training gaps and educational needs.

[02:36] Strong training programs include several key components.

[03:30] Altru’s multi-tiered training curriculum.

[06:45] The challenges and successes of virtual learning, as experienced during the pandemic.

[08:20] Surveys are extremely important in understanding your organization’s culture of safety, as well as education needs and preferences.

[10:37] Recommended to strengthen your training program: Data collection and cross-discipline strategic partnerships.

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