Workplace Violence – Part 1

Knowledge on the Go

Apr 4 2022 • 14 mins

In recognition of Workplace Violence Awareness Month, Lindsay Mayer, Mark Reed, and Diana Scott discuss the latest workplace violence statistics and the trends organizations are facing within the industry.

Guest speaker: Mark Reed Director of Support Services MLK Community Healthcare

Diana Scott Associate Vice President of Accreditation and Regulatory Advisory Services Vizient

Moderator: Lindsay Mayer Senior Director Vizient

Show Notes:

[01:29] Workplace violence has increased continuously throughout 2020 and 2021.

[02:25] The pandemic is a major contributing factor.

[04:03] The workforce shortage has impacted organizations.

[05:14] The Joint Commission has released new requirements for 2022.

[08:00] Organizations are implementing unique and innovative strategies.

[10:30] Leaders can aid in addressing and preventing workplace violence.

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