Davies Hillside Farm, Springville, NY (Small Town WNY PBS-TV Series - Companion Podcast #1)

Small Town WNY

May 14 2022 • 41 mins

Small Town WNY PBS-TV Series - Companion Podcast #1

Davies Hillside Farm

499 Franklin St, Springville, NY 14141, United States

Phone: +1 716 860 7005


For the 1st episode of the Small Town WNY companion Podcast this season, I thought it was appropriate to have a guest on that, to me, really typifies, the small town WNY life. Someone who has found a true place and purpose, is enjoying their best life and doing something they love to boot and Paul, from Davies Hillside Farm in Springville is just that person. He only begun Davis Hillside Farm after he'd already had a successful 1st career running a roofing company, foll wing his passion and love for the family farm and raising livestock in the way it's been raised for centuries. Using no hormones, no antibiotics, in the most natural way he can...


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Fresh off the hot-heels of the pandemic and my initial PBS travel  show,  "Discovering WNY",  "Small Town NY" is my second PBS series that  finds me exploring small towns throughout the entire state. And while you'll still find the more popular destinations on the  show, I'll mostly be digg'n deep and "Discovering" the lesser-known and  off-the-beaten-path small towns that I believe, truly deserve a visit or  two.

On my YouTube channel (youtube.com/aaaugustine) you'll also be able to see all the episodes from my 4 older TV shows:

DISCOVERING WNY: The first version of the show was an interstitial (between the  shows) PBS series that primarily featured small WNY towns, while the  older show was a half-hour, small business profile series featuring  local "Mom & Pop Shops" on 4 WNY commercial stations.

SUPER KIDS SHOW: These are my three retro-style, 1950s-1970s influenced shows kids TV  series that were eventually combined into one awesome show called "The  Kids Super Show" that continued until 2017 when I began producing  regional travel shows.


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