2+2 Is Chicken

Sarah Burggraf & Courtney Kaufmann

Everyone has a story. Life can be crazy, and sometimes life hands you something that you never asked for or could never see coming. In the classroom called "life," we are under the false illusion that the formula of "2+2" would always yield the "correct" answer of "4." Sometimes it works out that way, but when it doesn’t, it’s a total bummerama.
We can't make any promises, nor do we have a magic wand that we can wave over you to make it all go away, but we can promise real stories of people who are struggling too. And, because neither of us know how to tell stories without having some fun at the same time, we're going to throw in a few laughs along the way.
So, if you feel isolated, discouraged, or embarrassed by a life circumstance, or, even none at all, hang out with us and hopefully you won't feel so alone. And if you're at all curious about how vomit, a blue man, a bar of soap and the number #25 in a toilet can possibly be topics of our conversation, we welcome you into our craziness.

And who knows? Perhaps you may discover that "your" answer to "2+2" leads you to the very places that you would never have gone to alone...

Peace Out,
Sarah and Courtney

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