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Dr. Wendy Muhlhauser-Tingblad a.k.a SissyMarySue (SissyMarySue Education Fund)

The Educating Empathy podcast explores diverse perspectives on secondary and postsecondary education. Discussions on the podcast will cover a wide range of topics related to educational policy, advocacy, leadership, pedagogy, and personal stories. We also delve into discussions about promoting empathetic understanding in society. This podcast is produced by SissyMarySue Education Fund, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) committed to providing educational children’s programming, play-based learning, and opportunities for young people to learn about social and ecological justice. Our work is informed by contemporary research on play pedagogy and brain-based learning. We hope these episodes will benefit anyone with an interest in education, including: -Educators seeking to incorporate play and creativity into their instruction -Parents and families who are looking for educational materials and media for their children -Community members invested in promoting social and ecological justice Episodes of Educating Empathy are produced in two parts. Episodes will air on the second and third Friday of each month. Episodes will feature educators and focus on specific topics relevant to educational pedagogy, policy, and leadership as well as feature individuals' stories from diverse backgrounds who want to share their personal experiences and perspectives on inclusive education. Visit our website: read less


Creative Play for Teaching Empathy to Young Children - A Doctoral Dissertation Documentary of Play Pedagogy, Empathy, Inclusion, and Equity
Aug 4 2023
Creative Play for Teaching Empathy to Young Children - A Doctoral Dissertation Documentary of Play Pedagogy, Empathy, Inclusion, and Equity
SissyMarySue Education Fund 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit- Public Charity offers the complete audio on our PODCAST -Educating Empathy- of:Creative Play for Teaching Empathy to Young Children( a doctoral dissertation- documentary of play pedagogy, empathy and inclusion/equity )This is rich with play and other research that can support the implementation of it for our youth in education and beyond! Our nonprofit website has links to our PODCASTS.The FUTURE of Research Presentation &Representation in Research ….This is the research of our FOUNDER Dr. Wendy Muhlhauser-Tingblad ProQUEST published and video posted on YOUTUBE 2021! These are her comments. "I believe a documentary film format will be more common in the future for doctoral scholars in a multimedia era! We hope it will help lead the way for more research to be presented this way! I also hope it will lead the way for more ethnographic research to help all voices and life experiences to be included in higher education research to truly reflect everyone!!""Higher Education remains white male dominated which is not an accurate representation of our country or world!"BELOW is the link to the documentary film. I have included the citation and abstract! It will still resonate today! Somehow it seems important that we share this! ABSTRACT: Operating from the hypothesis that much of our prejudice and inequality results from a lack of empathy, my dissertation answers the research question: What reflective insights emerge from an autoethnographic study of creative story-telling and play, in online teaching of elementary grade children? This autoethnographic study, with video component, examines my online teaching and experiences that emphasize playfulness, empathy, diversity and inclusion, 11 the context of education and for general youth development. Through the use of documentary style presentation, I offer excerpts of me teaching, an online version of storytelling and play, as learning tools to facilitate the understanding of empathy and shared humanity. I provide a recorded narrative of my reflections that I film, in addition to a prose introduction. The dissertation has three main dimensions: a) Excerpts of recorded online teaching of just me (no children are seen and portions of already existing footage of interviews, b) Narrative of reflections for class planning, personal and academic discoveries, teaching, and other data comprised of journal entries, personal reflections, poetry, c) Intro, citations of research, literature review, and conclusions. I believe my illustrations will make for unique connections between playfulness and the development of empathy.Keywords: Play, creative play, empathy, education, K-6 education, online teaching.puppets, story, storytelling, hierarchy, discrimination, prejudice, inequality.APA Citation: Muhlhauser, W. J. (2021). Creative Play for Teaching Empathy to Young Children: an Inner Exploration of an Instructor’s Process, a Visual and Narrative Journey (Doctoral dissertation, Fielding Graduate University).Link to VISUAL version: the written version on ProQuest under Wendy Muhlhauser. by De'Arris Wayne Judkins (DRS), Chad Ihlenfeldt, Sara Guhl, and Anthony Hotakainen. Production and editing of documentary and podcast by Wendy Muhlhauser and Anthony Hotakainen.