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Invest Surrey & Partners

Sit down with some of the brightest minds in the Metro Vancouver region in this podcast as we discuss the stories and insights driving Surrey, and the region’s, economic growth. Surrey has recently topped the charts as Western Canada’s second fastest growing city with a population over half a million and, in these episodes, we’ll be exploring the trends that are driving our metropolitan growth and the business opportunities they attract. This Invest Surrey podcast is hosted by the City of Surrey.

Where is Metro Vancouver's missing middle? Great Migration Insights with Simon Fraser University's Andy YanBreaking the Silos for Agritech Innovation - Interview with AGtech Innovation Sandbox's Sylvain MorenoPandemics, Floods, & Wars - Building Supply Chains During CrisisRevving up Electric Vehicle Manufacturing in Canada: Interview with Damon Motors' Dominique KwongLooking at Surrey for a Competitve Edge: Interview with Prospera Credit Union's Ed MichielsenThe Great Migration: Census Insights with Andy Yan