1.27 - Dismantling the Industrial Model of Edu

When The Wind Blows

Feb 21 2021 • 44 mins

Dismantling the Industrial Model of Edu

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Marshall: Who are you? How long have you been in Edu? 8 Years - Grew up in school

Giant leadership...gear 4...I asked you what topic…Why is this topic one that you proposed? I love the functionality of things that I care about. School is really important to me and I want to see it work well for students and for teachers. Watching my mom and grandmother teach really showed me what part of this model has some holes. Further, in grad school I was exposed to this clip of school compared to a factory and it was almost indistinguishable. Couldn’t tell the difference.

What sort of things or approaches do you think keep us stuck in our approach to education?

  • School calendar
  • Teacher Pay
  • Curriculum and hidden curriculum/agendas
  • Push to University
  • Teacher Prep and support
  • Homogenized “Finish Line”
  • Decision makers “went through it”
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Desire to hold on to power

If there is anything this pandemic has taught us, its that our learning curve for the digital wasnt where we thought it was...also we were able to overcome those obstacles fairly quickly. We still have random cat filters that go viral.

We are in year 10 of this break from the “Normal” and still  trying to improve. How do we move to this a little more broadly without wrecking education? We have to know and trust “our people”. What do they need? Some of the most innovative school practices are coming from schools who just seek to know their people better.


One World School house, by Sal Khan

A Different Kind of Teacher, by John Taylor Gatto

Depression coming with Online learning...nope.

Teacher pay is one of the first topics that can really piss of educators. Performance based pay is tricky...it is currently being done differently by EPIC, is it right? How can it be improved? Again, I think we have to know our people and what “performance” looks like. I think we’re doing the right thing by including teachers in that process and really factoring that in to performance based pay. It is tricky because these are humans that are imperfect.

If considered the PH.D. a couple of time this last year? You??

What enduring question would you base your research around? I actually just started a doctorate program very recently and am landing on a dissertation topic...somewhere around “innovative practices for struggling schools and for marginalized communities.”

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